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3 Ways You Can Increase Profits by Incorporating a Large Print Strategy

Did you know 67% of consumers have said that they purchased a product or service because a sign caught their attention? Just like in the digital space where an ad could catch your eye and compel you to click, the same still goes for physical locations (minus the clicking). Some examples of large format printing are fence wraps, banners, posters, billboards, and step and repeats. c

Large-format signs are extremely efficient and durable. It’s a common misconception to believe that a larger sign is more expensive. Not only are they affordable but the products are all made to be able to last outside in the elements. If you need a window sign, for example, it is sure to be great quality so it won’t have to be replaced monthly.

Larger, glossier signs give consumers the perception that the brand is a leader in the market and they automatically place a higher value on it. A large-format, glossy sign that matches your brand is guaranteed to bring favorable attention to your business and ultimately lead to more sales.

Customers make decisions based on emotions. Large-format signs don’t lose any quality or color in the printing process just because they are larger. Colorful imagery is impactful and will help create a positive emotional response in your customers.

Large-format signs can increase your business’ profits in many ways. They are easy to see and memorable. They are extremely versatile, efficient and durable. Although digital is a great way to advertise and make an impression on someone, signs are still king. To get started creating a large-format sign for your business contact us here.