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Meet the Women of Beefree Media

On Sunday, March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day. It’s a day to honor how far women have come in history and to recognize the challenges involving freedom and equality that women have faced. It’s also a day to celebrate how independent, strong, bold, and successful women are on a day to day basis no matter if they’re at the workplace, with their family or with their friends. Many women adopt a multitude of responsibilities in their lives and they handle them with ease. In honor of their special day, Beefree wanted to recognize the two women that help keep the company in motion.

Meet Kaitlyn and Angelica!

Kaitlyn is the account and office assistant at Beefree Media. She helps with everything from the everyday office needs to client project requests. In her own words: “I like to make sure Beefree Media is a fun environment to work in while celebrating employee accomplishments, holidays and overall team events.” When she’s not working, Kaitlyn enjoys photography, traveling, fashion and design. Every time she gets back from vacation she always makes a bomb video recapping her latest travels.

Angelica is a graphic designer and account manager at Beefree Media. In other words, everything that gets printed has to be approved by Angelica first. She strives to make a connection with every client and is friendly, outgoing and always able to provide a solution. gooSimilar to Kaitlyn, Angelica also documents her travels through video. She hopes that she can make people feel like they are with her on her travels through the use of photography and videography.

Kaitlyn and Angelica are both strong, independent and creative thinkers; we honestly don’t know what we would do without them! Thank you to all the amazing women in our lives. To our mothers, sisters, wives, friends and all the women who make our worlds go ‘round, we appreciate you!