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Three Reasons to Have a Signage Strategy While Planning an Event

Have you ever been to an event and noticed that there weren’t many signs or the ones that were there were just meh? If you noticed either of those things, that’s a problem. If you are distracted by the poor quality, inconsistency or lack of signage then that is most likely going to reflect back on how you feel about the event you’re at or the company that is running the event. Here are three reasons why branding and signage can make or break an event and why event planners need to have a signage strategy.

  1. The first impression is ruined

Usually, the first thing you see when you get to an event is a banner or sign. There will probably be a sign announcing the event, posters directing you where to go or banners with information about the event on them. If those signs are poorly made or inconsistent with each other and the branding of the event, it may make the guests raise an eyebrow. Poor signage right at the get-go can leave a bad first impression before the guests even enter the event center.

  1. The experience sucks

Your branding and signage are a part of the experience. They should add to it like a decorative bow on a holiday present. But if there are no signs or they’re handwritten on a piece of white paper, that gift might as well have been wrapped in construction paper. Suddenly, the awesomely planned out event is confusing and the guests are not feeling the energy that they should be feeling while they’re there.

  1. It’s just distracting

Poorly done signs, or a lack thereof, draw attention. After the event, there’s a good chance the first thing people will talk about is the typos they saw or how they never knew where to go and they were confused. It doesn’t matter if the event was amazing, if the guests were distracted by something that should have never been a talking point to begin with.

A lot of the time, event planners don’t think about signage until the last moment — if they remember at all. The signage strategy should be one of the first things that are taken care of when an event is being planned.

But hey, if you are planning an event and left the signs until last — we forgive you. Beefree Media has a fast 48-hour turnaround time. We can help an event be as perfect as it should be by creating fresh signage that is sure to heighten the experience.